27.04.2006 Riga, Latvia

«TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS» business exhibition – conference

We are glad to state, that we have successfully participated in the TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS business exhibition – conference, the complex event for businessmen, leading experts of transport & transit branch, as well as for the government officials. The goal of this event has been announced – as encouraging the transport and transit business in the region by making the strategically beneficial partnership for cooperation of Eastern and Western enterprises. To take part in this exhibition were invited the enterprises on formation and direction of a ground, sea and air freight traffic, as well, as the enterprises on storage of cargoes and allied industries, such as: dealers of commercial transport, service and adjacent enterprises, the enterprises of a transport infrastructure of ports, the enterprises on trade of fuel and mineral oil, hence, forming for our Company a target audience of participants.

“CORVUS COMPANY” has presented its new complex service — gathering of waste oil products for their subsequent recycling, as well as, of filters, tires and accumulators. Having participated in the exhibition, “CORVUS COMPANY” for the first time so widely has announced the significant event for the Company – signing up the agreement with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS” organization, which specializes in the development and implementation of environmental engineering and waste technologies. Due to imperfection of functioning mechanism of system on hazardous waste control and management systems in Latvia, since 2006 July it is planned to introduce a new system on waste implementation.

That is why, for our perspective development, the Company has started the cooperation with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS” organization. Now, the importer of oils, lubricants, oil filters and tires having made an agreement with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS”, will get natural resource tax exemption. “ZAĻAIS CENTRS” is also competent of questions on completing the importer activity documentation, seminar organization, as well, as on offering the necessary consultation to its clients.

Thus, “CORVUS COMPANY”, functioning as hazardous wastes operator, cooperating with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS”, stands for all hazardous wastes gathering and utilization according to present LR legislation.

It is worth mentioning that our company has been awarded a diploma by the organizers of the exhibition expressing gratitude and high evaluation of our participation in the exhibition.