«CORVUS Company» отмечает 15 лет со дня основания.

In October 2009 CORVUS Company is celebrating its 15-years anniversary. To this day we are walking up with hopes and ambitions, that are authorized by knowledge and experience gained in the course of the years. Our treasure and the most essential achievement is a spiritually strong, single-minded, goal-oriented and united team, where highly skilled specialists with a great work experience under the belt are its members.

The main aim of our company is environment protection and dynamic struggle for ecology. The main direction of our work is gathering and cleaning of ship ballast and bilge waters polluted with oil products as well as processing and utilization of waste oil products, bilge waters polluted with oil and oil sediments.

The company once and again proved the quality of the performed works and its competitiveness that are authorised by numerous diplomas, letters of award, international quality certificates such as ISO 14001:2004.

But everything started in 1994 year when CORVUS Company was established. In those days the company tried its strengths in all spheres where it was possible to gain any profit and benefit for the further life and development of the new company. One of the directions that the “young businessman” tested himself was supply of vessels and boats with technical equipment. Thanks to that a new business direction was found that became after one of the company’s main activities namely gathering and cleaning of ship ballast and bilge waters polluted with oil products.

In those days the company rent office premises where 2-3 persons worked who were CORVUS heart, soul and brain. Hereafter the company extended the rage of its activities, but the theme remained the same. Special-purpose equipment and transport were taken in rent. On the territory of Bolderaja woodworking enterprise a small “fuel-oil handling system” was rented for the purpose of waste storage and reconstructed into a specialised storage place. All necessary permissions for such difficult and responsible business activity were obtained. This process also asked from the people some efforts.

In the process of CORVUS Company growth and amendment Bolderaja “fuel-oil handling system” became a property of the company and went through a great reconstruction. After that a terminal consisted of a tank farm and the renewed and improved storage place for hazardous waste products were settled on 23 ha of land. The company bought special-purpose equipment and transport too. Now it was using its own technological capabilities.

Now there are no more renting office premises, but there is CORVUS Company office building. And approximately 30 people who are living by the company’s affairs are in the staff. Taking into account the scope of our activities and the growing demands in relation to environmental protection, one of the cornerstone principles of “CORVUS Company” is a continuous improvement of our activities in regards to the surrounding environment – we strive to make the impact of our company on nature as little as possible. All that we managed to reach due to enthusiasm and selfless work.

ПEspecially we are grateful to our clients and partners for your believe in us and for the cooperation that in future will undoubtedly reach new heights. We promise to work on that. CORVUS Company thanks its employees – without YOU we could not reach that we have now and only YOU can implement our common plans and reach intended targets in future. Everything for the company’s prosperity and longevity — that means and for our well-being too.


15.10.2009 Chemnitz, Germany

«Results from Acid Tar Projects»

„CORVUS Company” director and managers of Innovation and Development department were invited by the organization committee to take part in the 2nd international workshop „Results from Acid Tar Projects” which took place in October 14-15, 2009 in Chemnitz, Germany.

This workshop continues the 1st international workshop on tar and acid tar remediation that was hold in October 2006 in Chemnitz.

As well as in 2006 BAUFELD and MUEG the companies that have a many years’ successful experience in Acid Tar remediation and utilization projects realization organized the workshop.

Since the first workshop took place BAUFEL and MUEG managed to complete a number of remediation projects, in particular in a place called Neukirchen near Chemnitz. There were started also extensive projects in other European countries. Therefore the organizers decided that now it is the right time to share with the gathered experience.

The aim of the 2nd international workshop was the wish of the organizers, BAUFELD and its partner MUEG, to acquaint persons who are involved in acid tar remediation processes and/or responsible for lots polluted with acid tar with the results of the project works, new technologies as well as to give a possibility to share experience in the subject.

Therefore not only project managers, engineers, interested companies’ managers but also representatives of official agencies and authorities took part in the workshop.

Guests came from different European countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Belgium and USA.

The workshop was a forum to discuss the questions of management, remediation solutions, treatment and processing technologies and technical equipments. As well there were presented new options for a secondary fuel from acid tar, and introduced variants of either deposition or utilization of the solidified products as a secondary fuel in power stations or cement kilns.

BAUFELD and MUEG rely on research and elaborations in the sphere of acid tar remediation and other places polluted with hydrocarbon as well as on the experience gathered during this kind of projects realization made presentations of the results achieved.
After contributors’ speech and carrying out of presentations the workshop visitors had an opportunity to discuss the problems and ask the questions they were interested in. An intensive exchange of experiences regarding technologies, procedures, and financial aspects took place.

The workshop participants highly evaluated BAUFELD and MUEG contribution in acid tar remediation elaboration area and projects fulfillment as well as their lead of the 2nd international acid tar workshop organization. Thanks to that the workshop participants could acquire special knowledge and definite experience that could be used in future projects implementation.

22.09.2009 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

«NEVA 2009»

September 22-25, 2009 CORVUS Company management was invited by St. Petersburg partners to visit the 10th anniversary international shipping, shipbuilding, ports and offshore energy exhibition – “NEVA 2009”.

Organizers of the exhibition: “Lenexpo” JSC, Russia, Dolpin Exhibition Ltd, UK. Transport Minister of the Russian Federation I. Levitin and St. Petersburg Governor V. Matvienko opened the exhibition.

The exhibition „NEVA” was established in 1991 by USSR “Ministry of Marine Industry” and “Maritime Fleet Ministry” initiation and represents the oldest Russian international marine exhibition that by rights takes the world leading position among others international marine expositions.

As one of CORVUS Company’s directions is collection of ship ballast, bilge waters polluted with oil products and oil sludge for their processing after the main aim of the trip for the company’s management was – to search and meet new companies – tanker fleet ship-owners. The range of discussed questions was also quite broad because on “NEVA 2009” exhibition there were shipping corporations’ representatives and owners that have tankers of different categories depending on deadweight tonnage (GP, MR, LR1 and so on).

Also there were planned the meetings with partners – shipping agents and superintendents who represent the interests of various world shipping corporations. In the schedule of the meeting there were included also the questions connected with watered oil products refining and processing system to discuss. A number of arrangements was achieved that in future, for sure, will produce a positive effect as well as the discussion of new innovative solutions and models, experience exchange from both sides, information exchange received during the exhibition time CORVUS Company management consider to be very productive.

23.06.2009 Moscow, Russia

Moscow International «Oil and Gas Exhibition» /MIOGE

On June 23, 2009 the tenth jubilee Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition (MIOGE) has been opened. Every year it attracts the attention of all entrepreneurs from oil and gas industry, gathering the greatest specialists from all over the world for several days together. Despite the complicated situation of the world economics, MIOGE could manage to keep its leading position as the main Russian place for communication of branch specialists and to develop actively. This year Central Exhibition Complex Expocentre hosted about 1000 participating companies from 40 countries, with Russia, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Italy, China, Norway, Poland, USA, Finland, France, Switzerland and Japan among them.

CORVUS Company could not miss the opportunity to take part in such a large-scale event. During the exhibition the company management paid special attention both to local issues of oil extraction (for instance, participation of OC Rosneft in a project Sakhalin-5), and to global problems of associated petroleum gas disposal. Discussion about perspectives and development issues of oil industry has also been a matter of attention. This event has been a subject of the traditional Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress, hosting multilateral polemics about opportunities and possible solutions of vital problems in power industry. CORVUS Company took part in a congress dedicated to problems of ecology of oil sludge disposal during the use of oil bases and oil recovery. Besides, following the tradition, under partnership of OC Rosneft within the Congress an Oil Day took place.

During the exhibition participants exchanged experience in development and application of investigations in field of geology and environment protection. A substantial issue of environmental safety is safety of natural resources transportation. Environmental safety level depends on well-adjusted extraction and transportation of oil and gas, therefore safety requires understanding of necessity for prevention of accidents during preventive treatment of pipelines systems and oil bases use. After exchanging experience with companies like Gasprom, Hydromashservis, Zarubezhneft, Rosneft, Stroytransgaz, TNK-VR, Trubnaya Metallurgicheskaya kompaniya (TMK), ABB, Argus, Cameron, GE, National Oilwell Varco, Schneider Electric, StatoilHydro, Total, Weatherford, Yokogawa Electric and many others, CORVUS Company retrieved great knowledge and shared own experience, being a matter of interest for companies engaged in monitoring and service of oil and gas industry objects in field of ecology problems, and found perspective partners.

Traditionally, exhibition and Congress participants presented to everyone new innovative investigations in geology, oil and gas extraction, ensuring maximally rational use of nature resources. There our company also could retrieve new knowledge and information of interest for further development of its innovation structure.