10.11.2006 Riga, Latvia

«4th International exhibition “Waste management — 2006”»

Professionals from the companies-partners “CORVUS COMPANY” and “Zalais Centrs” took part in 4th International exhibition – conference “Waste management — 2006”. The exhibition was organized by Association of waste management of Latvia (LASA), whose members formed the greater part of the participants.

The list of displays and wide range of themes of the exhibition, scoping the most important aspects of waste management activities, as innovative technologies, specific waste utilization, waste placement, professional education and training, public notification, were the subjects of great interest to this event both among the private businessmen and state entities, and also Latvian educational centers.

An active position of our specialists at the exhibition allowed to strengthen our business contacts with colleagues and partners, to make new contacts with state entities, that in future would lead to possibility of providing wider and more exact evaluation of inland waste management, to create new joint ecologic projects.


24.10.2006 Cologne, Germany

International exhibition “ENTSORGA-ENTECO 2006”

“CORVUS COMPANY” representatives participated in one of the world largest international exhibitions on waste, sewerage management and water supply “ENTSORGA-ENTECO 2006”

The exhibition takes place in Cologne once in three years, starting with 1980, and traditionally involves thousands of people. This year 979 companies of 22 world countries were participating.

The urgency of this event for our company was presentation of market innovations – modern equipment, recent achievements in field of ecological technologies, waste management, re-use of recycled materials.

During their work, “CORVUS COMPANY” managers were participating in business negotiations and meetings, and also entered into a preliminary agreement on cooperation in field of hazardous waste management with a large German company.

23.10.2006 Chemnitz, Germany

«International workshop for tar and acid tar recovery Chemnitz»

“CORVUS Company” in presence of its managing officers and leading technical specialists after an invitation of the organizing committee have participated in an international workshop for tar and recovery, having taken place on October 23-24 in Chemnitz (Germany).

“CORVUS Company” technical specialists were interested in technical developments of BAUFELD and MUEG, that could be applied in Inchukalns project.

The workshop was planned and organized by BAUFELD and MUEG and was aimed to present and discuss certain results of tar and acid tar recovery, and also to share experience with workshop’s participants.

The workshop totally involved more than 50 visitors from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Khorvatia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, and France. The visitors were representing projects’ owners (for instance, a waste treatment plant), technical bureaus, public organizations and terrestrial agencies (for instance, a major of an average Romanian town, a traffic representative), and also ministries’ advisers from Czech Republic and Latvia.

BAUFELD and MUEG have presented details of their work results over an acid tar recovery project in Chemnitz, totaling more than 150,000 tons. There reutilization, cleaning procedures, material-technical provision and solid recycled fuels utilization after recovery process were presented. Besides, the workshop organizers have accented, where and when specific problems during recovery process could happen, what project managers would have to consider using a complicated technology and how the processes of permits obtaining and cooperation with environmental authorities should be arranged.

BAUFELD and MUEG have granted a possibility to visitors to evaluate and discuss the results, considering their own projects. Lections about comparative projects of Slovenia, Belgium, Khorvatia, Romania, Czech Republic and German have allowed visitors to share experience in technical and organizational matters. There answers were provided and matters were discussed about alternative technologies and costs accounting. A short overview of financial issues was provided on the basis of activities of supporting authorities of the European Commission.

In the evening during the plenum and in small groups discussions about project planning and realization and main problems of recovery process took place. For instance, detailed researches of original material, emission problems solution, quality of recycled fuel products produced from acid tar and tar using certain premixes recipes, permission process and correct use of measuring tools, ensuring a safe action during project implementation. These matters have been considered at the symposium, because they have explained how the project could be satisfactorily finished with controlled costs.

Terms and technologies developed in various countries became a special point in discussions, because they were not suitable in any case for other states due to substantial differences of environmental goals. This subject has been discussed at a symposium about a project in Rieme, Belgium. Huge amounts of acid tar products could never be stored in the open air in Germany, and the impact on limits of certain contaminators is lower. Strict environmental and legal requirements of Germany are still a standard for many EU countries.

Some visitors have mentioned that it’s hard for them to calculate costs when unexpected problems arise, for instance, excess emission, too big acid tar amount increase, too great wear of technical equipment. BAUFELD and MUEG were able to reply their questions basing on their experience. Some groups at the symposium have accented a project financing problem. The researches and concepts were all clear, still the financing remained unclear. Experience, special knowledge about European financing programs and support, necessary for use by countries are available.

During the second day of Symposium the visitors were granted with a possibility to visit a construction site of BAUFELD/MUEG where an acid tar lagoon flow recovery in Mittelbach had taken place, a tar and acid tar treatment plant in MUEG activity site, and power stations Schwarze Pumpe Vattenfall. They have discussed problems and practical works in projects of visitors in several locations.

BAUFELD and MUEG management was highly evaluated, because their initiative at the International Symposium was greatly appreciated by the visitors. Technical content of the Symposium and especially of the Chemnitz project can be used in further projects.






On October 20, 2006 we’ve received a patent of the Republic of Latvia for a device and method of acid tar neutralization – this innovation relates to oil waste, acid tars processing in oil and chemical industry. The main task of the innovation is increasing efficiency of the process.

27.04.2006 Riga, Latvia

«TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS» business exhibition – conference

We are glad to state, that we have successfully participated in the TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS business exhibition – conference, the complex event for businessmen, leading experts of transport & transit branch, as well as for the government officials. The goal of this event has been announced – as encouraging the transport and transit business in the region by making the strategically beneficial partnership for cooperation of Eastern and Western enterprises. To take part in this exhibition were invited the enterprises on formation and direction of a ground, sea and air freight traffic, as well, as the enterprises on storage of cargoes and allied industries, such as: dealers of commercial transport, service and adjacent enterprises, the enterprises of a transport infrastructure of ports, the enterprises on trade of fuel and mineral oil, hence, forming for our Company a target audience of participants.

“CORVUS COMPANY” has presented its new complex service — gathering of waste oil products for their subsequent recycling, as well as, of filters, tires and accumulators. Having participated in the exhibition, “CORVUS COMPANY” for the first time so widely has announced the significant event for the Company – signing up the agreement with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS” organization, which specializes in the development and implementation of environmental engineering and waste technologies. Due to imperfection of functioning mechanism of system on hazardous waste control and management systems in Latvia, since 2006 July it is planned to introduce a new system on waste implementation.

That is why, for our perspective development, the Company has started the cooperation with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS” organization. Now, the importer of oils, lubricants, oil filters and tires having made an agreement with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS”, will get natural resource tax exemption. “ZAĻAIS CENTRS” is also competent of questions on completing the importer activity documentation, seminar organization, as well, as on offering the necessary consultation to its clients.

Thus, “CORVUS COMPANY”, functioning as hazardous wastes operator, cooperating with “ZAĻAIS CENTRS”, stands for all hazardous wastes gathering and utilization according to present LR legislation.

It is worth mentioning that our company has been awarded a diploma by the organizers of the exhibition expressing gratitude and high evaluation of our participation in the exhibition.

24.04.2006 Hannover, Germany

«MicroTechnology HANNOVER MESSE 2006″

HANNOVER MESSE is a leading brand within the exhibitions on industrial technology. Due to global development and extremely rising competitors, it is of the highest importance for the company to support and improve its potential power. The leading technology, in fact, is the prerogative of the corporate enterprise management nowadays.

„Better, faster, more effective” – the slogan of this exhibition is close to the spirit of our Company. We are strivng for being aware of all developing clues for the Company, as well as for the latest industrial know-how developments in the market. The exhibition has presented wide range of solutions almost for all user spheres. Over the years the focus has shifted from stand-alone components to end-to-end solutions. Technical innovation has been one key element in the HANNNOVER MESSE 2006. Another has been its sharp focus on the creative application of existing knowledge. At this place visitors could experience complete value chains and swap information with experts from a complete spectrum of industrial sectors.

Based on data, more than 5, 000 exhibitors from over 60 countries has taken part at HANNOVER MESSE 2006, this year leading top – 3 countries has been: India (343 – exhibitors), China (250 exhibitors) and – Italy (210 exhibitors).

Energy was a burning issue at HANNOVER MESSE 2006. This high – profile event has covered a complete spectrum – renewable and conventional energy generation, transmission and distribution, plus energy management.

“IndustrialBuilding Automation” was the only trade show worldwide that centered on the integration of production automation and building automation. Taking participation in forums and presentations on this issue, we have extended our knowledge in the fields of IT and automation technology. This year special emphasis has been paid on industrial communication, IT automation, industrial network, IT security, image processing, wireless communication, and many other issues.

We would like also to point out the “Subcontracting” of the HANNOVER MESSE 2006, which presented the tendency of digitalization process through all areas of industry. Across the entire value-added chain, digital systems and components are helping to regulate product development, production planning, production, quality assurance, logistics, and service in line with market demands.

We suppose, that for the successful development, it is highly important to be aware of the industrial technology market tendencies, moreover, the most actual innovations should be pointed out and implied into the activity of the Company. Visiting this exhibition opens ones eyes, to put it in other words, it gives you a clue of what is of a real importance in this or that global industrial sphere. These have been the most important issues, which we have discovered at HANNOVER MESSE 2006, to develop ourselves more successful and effective in future.


08.02.2006 Kaliningrad, Russia


The representatives of our Company have visited International Specialized Exhibition INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT – 2006 at the exhibition hall BALTIC EXPO in Kaliningrad. More than 90 companies from Kaliningrad Region, different parts of Russia, Poland, Germany and Denmark took part in the above mentioned exhibition. The exhibition was supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure development.

We also took part in the international science and technology conference “Energy saving. Energy equipment. Energy consumption.” Specialists from Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany and other countries took part in this exhibition.

Electric power resources and modern industrial production are one of the most essential directions of economic development because many market sectors depend on their dynamics. Thus it was not surprising that the participants were active, most of them had come to Kaliningrad from distant places just to demonstrate their latest achievements. Nowadays, when the energy saving technologies are marketable, the public has a deep interest in appliances that control and record heating, water, gas and electricity consumption; such technologies were widely represented by major companies.

It should be noted that one of the most important events for power supply of Kaliningrad Region was the launching of the first round of Kaliningrad Thermal Power Plant-2. It is a very important strategic object, the main power supplier of the region; moreover, it is one of the most up to date and technically advanced stations in Russia. Not only will it provide for the current needs of economy but will also enable a fast development of industrial production.

Taking into account the location of the region, but mainly the fast progress of the above mentioned branches as well as the positive dynamics and growth of other companies situated in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Region, we consider this region strategically important as a potential base for developing partnership with Russia – the goal included in our future plans.

24.01.2006 Milan, Italy


The environmental technology exhibition set to place at fieramilanocity, presented a completely new face, revitalized by its organizer – Fiera Milano Tech – with a new logo, a new name, a new date and a new venue.

The name and the logo, which highlights the change, draw attention to the renewed focus on internationality, another important change is the worldwide promotion of the vent, made possible through collaboration agreements with other exhibition organizers and foreign associations within the industry.

TAU INTERNATIONAL – is the key event for those operating in industry and environmental services, keeping themselves up to date on community directives and the various national regulations, an opportunity for environmental protection sector operators from different regions to make contact and share knowledge. Is is an opportunity for all those who provide or are looking for the best technology available, the tools, services and methodologies and that can support and protect sustainable development. This was the exhibition where public and private environmental research institutions and services firms came together with technology producers and providers.

Taking into account, that EU directives on environmental protection in LR are in the process of development, and some several years are going to pass, unless the ecological problems, which appear as result of such kinds of activity, as different dangerous wastes gathering and recycling, will be finally solved, the representatives of our Company have visited the exhibition in order to get acquainted and share the experience on environmental protection issues with more experienced in such matters European colleagues.

Our attention has been drawn by the organizations, taking part in the exhibition, which offer the complete-service-included to the companies, the activity of which is connected with dangerous wastes. The service of such companies includes services started from the environmental monitoring, and providing such services, as rehabilitation and artificial revegetation and recycling.

Thanks to such a great experience, presented on the TAU INTERNATIONAL, we have got a lot of the freshest, at the same time, the most realistic ideas, on how to imply into the practice the gotten knowledge and contacts for their best development on Latvian market. TAU INTERNATIONAL 2006, is an event organised under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy, is sponsored by ANIMA (Federation of Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries), AQUA Italia (Italian Water), etc. In collaboration with ANIDA (Italian Association of Environmental Protection Firms), Fiseassoambiente (Italian Association of Environmental Services Firms).