14.10.2011 We’ve received a patent

Innovation Department of CORVUS Company started to develop and produce an experimental model of Contaminated oil waste incineration device, able to process sludge and oil contaminated soil. The device will also allow to burn solid and medical waste.

The device is developed on the basis of Latvian patents obtained by the company: LV14352B «Naftas duļķu sadedzināšanas veids un iekārta» and LV14353B «Device for thermal incineration of oil sludge»..
The method of thermal incineration of oil sludge layer includes creation of pseudo-boiling layer by air and supply of flue gas for post-combustion. In the proposed method in the process of air supply to create a layer of pseudo-boiling layer water and fuel emulsion is simultaneously fed into sludge, while the transmission speed of gases for post-combustion is adjusted.

In the proposed device the floor of a combustion chamber is made of a series of pipes with nozzles for air supply, between which pipes of smaller diameter with nozzles for supplying of water and fuel emulsion are located; combustion chamber before opening for gas exit has a reflective screen installed.

The device for thermal incineration of waste contains combustion chamber connected with afterburning chamber, heat insulating device and a cleaning system of flue gases. The proposed device uses a standard steam boiler as a post-combustion camera and heat insulating device, while the floor of boiler furnace is lowered by 500-800 mm, and floor and the lower drum of furnace screen has a fuel nozzle in between placed at an angle of 0÷20° to the floor of the furnace; as fuel for afterburning the device uses water and fuel emulsion with a water content of 8-13%, and the preparation of the emulsion is carried out in a rotary mixer-disperser, such as DRS 10.
The proposed inventions can improve the efficiency of combustion of sludge at the expense of the completeness of their incineration and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.