14.10.2011 Moscow, Russia

Report on the participation in the international conference

«Oil and petrochemical waste 2011»

CORVUS Company took part in the international conference «Oil and petrochemical waste 2011», held on October 14 in Moscow and organized by a leading integrator in the Russian market of petrochemicals, ZAO CREON. The conference hall of hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow brought together representatives of oil and gas holdings, oil refineries, engineering companies, scientific and design organizations.

To date, the most acute problem for many refineries and petrochemical plants is the problem of waste disposal. Only in Russia annually more than 3 million tons of waste oil and sludge are left unclaimed. As a result due to existing inefficient process of recycling about 100 million tons of waste has been accumulated, of which in the process of recycling one can get new products or raw materials for recycling.

The solution of the problem of disposing of waste oil and petrochemicals in Russia presently is controlled by the President of Russia, who ordered as soon as possible to develop and submit to the State Council draft laws related to environmental safety. Developing of new regulations will take as a basis European technology guides which are characterized by stringent requirements to oil and petrochemical companies.

CORVUS Company, since its incorporation in 1994, is engaged, among others, in waste oil collection, their processing and production of liquid petroleum product. Over 17 years of work in this area the company has accumulated extensive experience in the field of processing and disposal of oily waste. During this period we have tested different methods, developed and patented new technologies and devices involved in the processing and disposal of oily waste and sludge.

Currently, the Innovation Department of CORVUS Company has started production of the first pilot plant for incineration of contaminated oil wastes, including sludge and oil contaminated soil. The device will also burn solid and medical waste. The device is developed on the basis of the obtained Latvian patents: LV14352B «Method and device for thermal incineration of oil sludge» and LV14353B «Device for thermal incineration of oil sludge».

Experience and development of our company have not gone unnoticed in the business and academic field. For instance, CORVUS Company has been invited to participate in the conference «Oil and petrochemical waste 2011» as expert from the EU, and joined the working group with purpose of developing amendments to law related to the environment in the Russian Federation.

The conference covered on such things as the current status, prospects and state regulation of production, processing and disposal of sludge, the cost effectiveness of different areas of processing, the state and prospects of the market, financing of recycling projects, and presented a variety of technologies for processing and disposal of petroleum and petrochemical waste.

An important aspect of the conference was the discussion about the existing problems in a wide range of experts and interested industry professionals. The conference participants emphasized the importance of solving the problem of disposal of oil and petrochemical waste in Russia and came to the conclusion that the existing problems in the industry require consolidation of industry players and development of a common strategy on the issue of hazardous waste disposal.

Considering the special importance of the issue of hazardous waste disposal for the whole country, this conference has become one of the key events in the industry.