09.11.2005 Moscow, Russia

Ecology and Power Industry 2005

From 9 November to 11 November 2005, in Moscow, the international forum Ecology and Power Industry 2005 took place, with the following events being included in the agenda:
• The second international exhibition Eco-efficiency 2005;
• The second international exhibition Waste Collection, Processing and Utilization;
• International exhibition Power Industry 2005;
•The second international exhibition Renewable and Small-scale Power Generation 2005.

The specialists of our company have visited all of the aforementioned events, taking part in conferences and discussions organized by the management of the international forum Ecology and Power Industry 2005. Based on the information acquired during the forum, the analytical department of CORVUS COMPANY performed a comparative analysis of hazardous oily waste management markets in the Russian Federation and EU.

As a result of this research our specialists have concluded that notwithstanding the fact that the market of hazardous waste management is growing fast in Russia, the EU standards for this type of activity still remain beyond the reach of Russian undertakers. Therefore, the specialists of our company suggested their help to our Russian partners in the implementation of the technologies necessary to create hazardous oily waste management complex, which includes:
1) the monitoring of this waste group;
2) collection and transportation;
3) storage and sorting;
4) processing and utilization.

This system can be imagined as a closed cycle, which starts by installing special containers near a company, which manufactures hazardous waste, and ends with the extraction of energy and raw materials for future use in manufacturing activities.