03.07.2010 Riga, Latvia

«German Baltic Commercial Chamber»

In July 3, 2010 in a motor-shopping center «Domenikss» that stands on Krasta street 34, Riga, German National Economy award presenting ceremony took place where SIA “CORVUS Company” participated as one of the finalists.

This award handling in Latvia is considered to be a significant event to support an economical correlation between both countries. In 2010 year German Baltic Commercial Chamber had already presented the award for 12th time.

The finalists: AS «Bruker Baltic» – a vendor and producer of scientific measuring instruments, SIA “CORVUS Company” – a hazardous waste management company, SIA «Embedded Systems» – a vendor and producer of automation system and alternative energy, SIA «Madara Cosmetics» – an ecological cosmetics producer, SIA «Saldus Pārtikas Kombināts» – a producer of sweets and SIA «Teiko» – a woodworking company.

The main idea of the German National Economy award is the wish to promote the positive economic development between Germany and Latvia, encouraging Latvian businessmen to cooperate with German partners. The main aim of the award is to bestow local enterprises that made a great effort to improve their own business in the sphere of design, quality, manufacture, services or export. At the same time the award is the direct demonstration of recognition Latvia by German businessmen.

The award criteria for contenders The award is presented to a small / middle enterprise for advances in development of German-Latvian economical corporation. A particular emphasis in last years is paid to a company’s ability and power to adjust in the crises conditions.

Enterprises from various business sectors took part in the event. The jury sorted out candidates for the award according different criteria as well as it personally visited chosen enterprises to determine the award’s laureates.

The following organizations’ participants sat on the jury:
  • German Baltic Commercial Chamber
  • German embassy in Latvia
  • Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The sponsors’ representative
  • Media representatives

The jury was impressed by “CORVUS Company” line of business as well as its aspiration and insistence — how the company masters a difficulty on its way. A top target for the company is an environmental safety by implementation of advanced technologies in terminals, ports, hubs and industrial enterprises hazardous waste administration. The main direction of the activity is collection of ship ballast and bilge waters polluted with oil products in the port area of Baltic States as well as processing for the second use of oil products and further utilization of oil sludge, tank cleanings and oil-contaminated water.

“CORVUS Company” was awarded with an honorary diploma as an acknowledgement of its unique and for a great effort that it have done to improve and support the business collaboration between both countries.