01.11.2005 Rotterdam, Netherlands


From 1 November to 5 November 2005, the top-management of our company visited one of the most important events of the international maritime industry – the EUROPORT MARITIME 2005 exhibition.

Special care has been taken by the organizers and participants of the exhibition to make sure that the innovations in the shipbuilding, marine and port equipment spheres introduced to the European market during the exhibition involve the latest technologies having no rivals in the whole world.

Having had a closer look at the technologies and marine equipment represented at the exhibition, as well as having discussed the topical issues of the industry with our colleagues from Western companies, we can hardly escape concluding that our mixer-disperser , which allows for 1% to 5% of fuel economy, if used in fuel processing systems of marine boiling plants, constitutes a serious competition to its Western analogues.

The presentation of our mixer-disperser at the EUROPORT MARITIME 2005 exhibition has generated strong interest on the part of a number of Western companies operating in the sphere of shipbuilding and development of marine and port equipment.

Business meetings with some of the companies operating in the same sphere as we do – i.e. gathering of ship bilge waters – turned out to be quite productive in the sense of information and experience exchange within the aforementioned line of activity.

Taking account of the fact that, initially, our specialists went to the EUROPORT MARITIME 2005 exhibition just to familiarize themselves with the information and technologies represented there, the results of this visit can undoubtedly be recognized as excellent – a preliminary agreement has been reached to initiate the supplies of our mixer-disperser to some of the largest shipbuilding companies of the EU maritime industry.