23.10.2006 Chemnitz, Germany

«International workshop for tar and acid tar recovery Chemnitz»

“CORVUS Company” in presence of its managing officers and leading technical specialists after an invitation of the organizing committee have participated in an international workshop for tar and recovery, having taken place on October 23-24 in Chemnitz (Germany).

“CORVUS Company” technical specialists were interested in technical developments of BAUFELD and MUEG, that could be applied in Inchukalns project.

The workshop was planned and organized by BAUFELD and MUEG and was aimed to present and discuss certain results of tar and acid tar recovery, and also to share experience with workshop’s participants.

The workshop totally involved more than 50 visitors from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Khorvatia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, and France. The visitors were representing projects’ owners (for instance, a waste treatment plant), technical bureaus, public organizations and terrestrial agencies (for instance, a major of an average Romanian town, a traffic representative), and also ministries’ advisers from Czech Republic and Latvia.

BAUFELD and MUEG have presented details of their work results over an acid tar recovery project in Chemnitz, totaling more than 150,000 tons. There reutilization, cleaning procedures, material-technical provision and solid recycled fuels utilization after recovery process were presented. Besides, the workshop organizers have accented, where and when specific problems during recovery process could happen, what project managers would have to consider using a complicated technology and how the processes of permits obtaining and cooperation with environmental authorities should be arranged.

BAUFELD and MUEG have granted a possibility to visitors to evaluate and discuss the results, considering their own projects. Lections about comparative projects of Slovenia, Belgium, Khorvatia, Romania, Czech Republic and German have allowed visitors to share experience in technical and organizational matters. There answers were provided and matters were discussed about alternative technologies and costs accounting. A short overview of financial issues was provided on the basis of activities of supporting authorities of the European Commission.

In the evening during the plenum and in small groups discussions about project planning and realization and main problems of recovery process took place. For instance, detailed researches of original material, emission problems solution, quality of recycled fuel products produced from acid tar and tar using certain premixes recipes, permission process and correct use of measuring tools, ensuring a safe action during project implementation. These matters have been considered at the symposium, because they have explained how the project could be satisfactorily finished with controlled costs.

Terms and technologies developed in various countries became a special point in discussions, because they were not suitable in any case for other states due to substantial differences of environmental goals. This subject has been discussed at a symposium about a project in Rieme, Belgium. Huge amounts of acid tar products could never be stored in the open air in Germany, and the impact on limits of certain contaminators is lower. Strict environmental and legal requirements of Germany are still a standard for many EU countries.

Some visitors have mentioned that it’s hard for them to calculate costs when unexpected problems arise, for instance, excess emission, too big acid tar amount increase, too great wear of technical equipment. BAUFELD and MUEG were able to reply their questions basing on their experience. Some groups at the symposium have accented a project financing problem. The researches and concepts were all clear, still the financing remained unclear. Experience, special knowledge about European financing programs and support, necessary for use by countries are available.

During the second day of Symposium the visitors were granted with a possibility to visit a construction site of BAUFELD/MUEG where an acid tar lagoon flow recovery in Mittelbach had taken place, a tar and acid tar treatment plant in MUEG activity site, and power stations Schwarze Pumpe Vattenfall. They have discussed problems and practical works in projects of visitors in several locations.

BAUFELD and MUEG management was highly evaluated, because their initiative at the International Symposium was greatly appreciated by the visitors. Technical content of the Symposium and especially of the Chemnitz project can be used in further projects.