Environmental policy

SIA “CORVUS Company operates as a collector of oil product waste throughout the territory of Latvia, the company also takes an active part in the collection and transportation of bilge waters and waters polluted with oil within the territory of the Freeport of Riga. We have accumulated significant experience in the sphere of gathering and transportation of oil product waste and waters polluted with oil and oil sediments. The fundamentals on which our company’s activity is based are as follows: to provide the highest level of service, to facilitate the introduction of new services into the market and to develop the existing ones. We highly appreciate the loyalty of our customers and we do our obligations in compliance with our customers’ needs and wishes.

Taking into account the scope of our activities and the growing demands in relation to environmental protection, one of the cornerstone principles of CORVUS Company is a continuous improvement of our activities in regards to the surrounding environment – we strive to make the impact of our company on nature as little as possible.


To accomplish the above mentioned tasks, we have established a set of environmental policy rules, including the following:

  • to comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and to ensure environmentally friendly activities carried out by our company;
  • to ensure regular evaluation as well as a continuous development of our environmental policy;
  • to take measures aimed at diminishing and prevention of environmental pollution within the limits of our financial and technical resources;
  • to support the improvement of professional skills of our personnel, to ensure an ongoing training in relation to environmental policy issues as well as to encourage environmental awareness and contribution of every employee;
  • search, monitoring, implementation and application of ecological know-how in the Company’s operation;
  • to inform society and all the parties concerned about the activities of our company in the area of environment protection.