27.09.2010 Riga, Latvia

«German Baltic Chamber of Commerce»

Traditionally, Germany maintains good economic relations with the Baltic countries. Germany is an important economic partner and one of the largest investors in the Baltics.

In 2004 the German Baltic Chamber of Commerce (DBHK) was founded. But the foundations were already laid earlier, in 1994, when the German Economic Agency started its work in the Baltic States.

The German Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has extensive information about the German-Baltic economic cooperation, economic development and prospects.

Since its foundation, the German Baltic Chamber of Commerce (DBHK) has successfully created and is still working on to develop and expanse a network of contacts in business, political and administrative spheres. It allows members of the Chamber to get acquainted with business partners and contact persons who correspond to their requirements and needs in political and administrative circles. Regular seminars and business meetings give a possibility to contact with other members of the Chamber who are interested in business partnerships in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany, or are already actively working in these markets.

In August 27, 2010 SIA «CORVUS Company» joined the ranks of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce, becoming a new member.

In July 3, 2010 SIA «CORVUS Company» as one of the finalists participated in German National Economy award presenting ceremony. This award handling in Latvia is considered to be a significant event to support an economical correlation between both countries. In 2010 year German Baltic Chamber of Commerce had already presented the award for 12th time.