25.04.2005 Munich, Germany

«IFAT – 2005»

As a consequence of the business contacts established at the Terra Tec exhibition (Leipzig), our specialists visited another event, whose significance in the sphere of oil residue processing and oil-contaminated water disposal is even higher – the IFAT-2005 exhibition, which took place from 25 April to 27 April 2005 in Munich.

Approximately 500 companies took part in the exhibition, the main type of business activity of these companies being collection, storage and processing of various kinds of waste. This event is one of the top-priority ones in this sphere of activity and it enjoys enormous popularity among companies that deal with waste processing.

Our company’s specialists held a number of meetings with their European colleagues to find out whether the parties involved are interested to continue cooperation in this sphere.

Establishing business contacts

— waste collection terms and conditions have been compared; price policies, chemical test results of oil residues before and after processing have been discussed. Special attention was paid to the laws regulating this sphere of activity, as well as to environmental protection issues.

— a preliminary agreement was reached to continue cooperation in the sphere of oil residue processing and oil-contaminated water disposal.

Our company’s employees noted the high quality of the services offered at the IFAT-2005 exhibition, of the technical equipment and specialized vehicles. This gives additional motivation for our employees to foster the creation and promotion to the European market of highly efficient technologies for collection, processing, and disposal of oil residues and oil-contaminated water.

Presentation of new technologies
Exhibition center

IFAT – 2005

Business part of the exhibition

Specialized vehicles