24.04.2006 Hannover, Germany

«MicroTechnology HANNOVER MESSE 2006»

HANNOVER MESSE is a leading brand within the exhibitions on industrial technology. Due to global development and extremely rising competitors, it is of the highest importance for the company to support and improve its potential power. The leading technology, in fact, is the prerogative of the corporate enterprise management nowadays.

„Better, faster, more effective” – the slogan of this exhibition is close to the spirit of our Company. We are strivng for being aware of all developing clues for the Company, as well as for the latest industrial know-how developments in the market. The exhibition has presented wide range of solutions almost for all user spheres. Over the years the focus has shifted from stand-alone components to end-to-end solutions. Technical innovation has been one key element in the HANNNOVER MESSE 2006. Another has been its sharp focus on the creative application of existing knowledge. At this place visitors could experience complete value chains and swap information with experts from a complete spectrum of industrial sectors.

Based on data, more than 5, 000 exhibitors from over 60 countries has taken part at HANNOVER MESSE 2006, this year leading top – 3 countries has been: India (343 – exhibitors), China (250 exhibitors) and – Italy (210 exhibitors).

Energy was a burning issue at HANNOVER MESSE 2006. This high – profile event has covered a complete spectrum – renewable and conventional energy generation, transmission and distribution, plus energy management.

“IndustrialBuilding Automation” was the only trade show worldwide that centered on the integration of production automation and building automation. Taking participation in forums and presentations on this issue, we have extended our knowledge in the fields of IT and automation technology. This year special emphasis has been paid on industrial communication, IT automation, industrial network, IT security, image processing, wireless communication, and many other issues.

We would like also to point out the “Subcontracting” of the HANNOVER MESSE 2006, which presented the tendency of digitalization process through all areas of industry. Across the entire value-added chain, digital systems and components are helping to regulate product development, production planning, production, quality assurance, logistics, and service in line with market demands.

We suppose, that for the successful development, it is highly important to be aware of the industrial technology market tendencies, moreover, the most actual innovations should be pointed out and implied into the activity of the Company. Visiting this exhibition opens ones eyes, to put it in other words, it gives you a clue of what is of a real importance in this or that global industrial sphere. These have been the most important issues, which we have discovered at HANNOVER MESSE 2006, to develop ourselves more successful and effective in future.