21.10.11 Our company celebrated its 17th anniversary

In 1994 CORVUS Company was among the first companies if Latvia working in field of environment protection and ecology.

Almost from the date of incorporation one of the most important activities of our company is collection and transportation of waste oil and oil-contaminated water, as well as processing and disposal of waste oil, sludge and oil-containing water.

CORVUS Company still successfully continues collection of waste oil at the entire territory of Latvia, as well as actively acts in collection and transportation of ship ballast water contaminated with oil products in ports of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Capacity of our equipment allows accepting up to 7500 m3 of oil-containing waste. After reconstruction Bolderaya PRK presently hosts production facility including reservoir yard, renovated and reinforced storage spaces for hazardous waste, as well as waste oil processing equipment.

Reconstruction shall take several years to complete, and during this period new facilities will gradually be put into commission, while providing continuity of production.

We would separately note that object reconstruction takes place using own funds of the company only, without borrowing any funds from banks and other financial institutions, or European financing.

During our work we have accrued extensive experience in collection and processing of waste oil, as well as fuel production. We have tested several methods, developed and patented new techniques and devices engaged in fuel production process. Our experience and developments earned deserved attention in business and scientific field.

Developments performed by Innovation department of CORVUS Company under guidance of PhD Alexander Polyakov have been awarded many times at multiple international exhibitions and congresses.

CORVUS Company is an environmentally oriented company aimed to protect our environment. Therefore we are carefully following all the events in the field. Still we regretfully admit that many countries presently have waste oil storages at their territories containing sulphuric acid, which developed as a result of oil product processing applying concentrated sulphuric acid, first of all in production of industrial lube oils. These so called acid tars and acid goudrons, under circumstances of missing opportunity of removing and processing were deposited mostly in open storages, so called acid tar ponds. These deposits are important environmental hazard. Latvia also has such ponds at its territory, in Inchukalns. After accession to EU in 2004 tar ponds in Inchukalns were included in the list of most hazardous historically contaminated objects subject to recovery funded by EU.

Since 1994, CORVUS Company monitors these hazardous objects. Our experience in processing and disposal of waste oils allowed us to develop a technique of neutralization of liquid layers of acid tar and a device for its implementation, as well as another device for preparation of utilized fuel from waste oils, including neutralized tar. These developments are based upon Latvian and Russian patents obtained by our employees.

With designs that could be applied, particularly, in neutralization of liquid layer of acid tar, CORVUS Company was ready to participate in recovery works in tar ponds in Inchukalns. CORVUS Company participates in international exhibitions, conferences, and workshops on annual basis.

On September 28, 2011 Nizhny Novgorod hosted a scientific conference «Industrial waste processing. Ecology. Technology». Following an invitation from conference organizers, CORVUS Company representatives also participated in the conference. Considering that CORVUS Company has ready designs in field of neutralization of acid compounds, in particular, acid tad, conference organizers applied to CORVUS Company with an offer to present a report for the theme. We were represented by PhD Alexander Polyakov who offered a report «Some specifics of acid tars processing». The report covered the technique of acid tar processing into fuel, developed by CORVUS Company, which earned a high interest among participants.

In October 2011 CORVUS Company was invited to conference «Oil and petrochemical waste 2011» as an EU expert and was included in workgroup for development of law amendments related to ecology.

One of the new activities that already has become important, is waste oil management. We have developed and successfully implemented at many Baltic companies a hazardous waste management system – precisely modeled and meeting all main criteria of a EU Hazardous Waste Directive 91/156/EEC of 18.04.1991, as well as Directive 91/689/EEC. The system allows every industrial company which in the production process develops hazardous waste to comply with all requirements of environmental safety in accordance with directives of European Union, as well as to mitigate costs for ensuring correspondence to said requirements.

CORVUS Company pays primary attention to quality of its work which is in full compliance with requirements of our customers and modern industrial and environmental standards. We highly appreciate trust of our clients and perform our duties in accordance with their demands.

Presently worldwide business community pays special attention to environmental protection and reduction of negative impact onto environment.

Assessment of environmental impact is used as a basis for ecological management system which assists a company in developing a structure and combining processes aimed to gradual attainment of predefined indicators of activities.

Being a company planning to reach a new and different development level, and seeking to enter new markets, including international ones, we faced a necessity to obtain a certificate of compliance with requirements of international standard ISO 14001:2004.

In 2008 our company passed a first compliance test and received a certificate on February 20 of the same year. During next three years ISO certification body took annual inspection audits.

And now, on April 26, 2006 CORVUS Company received a Certificate of Compliance No. 96008-2011-AE-LVA-FINAS, issued by an international certification body Det Norske Veritas with a three-year term.

This means that ecological management system implemented by CORVUS Company is in full compliance with requirements set by international standard ISO 14001:2004.

A confirmation issued for ecological management system on compliance with ISO 14001:2004 standard presumes that company management undertakes certain obligations to continuously raise environmental efficacy considering available possibilities.

To implement the plans and to attain the goals, CORVUS Company continuously improves in the field of activity, follows modern developments and technology, tries to be a step before the competitors, and trains its staff.

Presently, in circumstances of fierce competition, any company needs to apply highest service level in order to keep the existing customers. A flawless quality and progressive style of work opens wide possibilities to continue our activities and promote new projects.

We would like to thank our customers and business partners for their trust, for long-term fruitful cooperation, for assistance and support in complicated situations.

Regardless of difficulties in the process of overcoming consequences of crisis, as well as impediments and hindrances put by governing authorities, unfair competition at the market, pressure and unfair fight for customers shown by our competitors, CORVUS Company is still confident on its way to the goal.

Still without our high-spirited, dedicated and united team of qualified specialists we would not be able to attain our goals and make our company flourish in future.

We can definitely say that our company employs real specialists being able to earn trust of our customers and respect in their field of activity.

Thanks a lot everyone!