29.11.2008 Riga, Latvia

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26.09.2008 Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany «SMM 2008»

Managers of the marine transport service department and innovations department have visited the Shipbuilding Machinery & Marine Technology International Trade Fair.

This fair is arranged once in two years and attracts leading international companies working in field of shipbuilding and marine fleet operation, representing recent innovative solutions in these fields.

The motto of the SMM 2008 is “Environmental protection and efficiency of implementing innovative solutions in relevant fields”. For our specialists it has been the second shipbuilding fair, where we could present and examine innovations in field of ecological operation of marine transport. Besides, we had a possibility to participate in a symposium organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technologies (BMWI) and the Community of European Shipyards Associations (CESA), dedicated to globally important problems of marine fleet operation in accordance with environmental requirements, presenting solutions of diminishing emissions.

Director of innovations department Mr. Alexander Polyakov has participated in a discussion about this subject, presenting comparative characteristics of analogues to DRS® (mixer-disperser), or homogenizer, as called by European producers, manufactured by CORVUS Company. Comparative characteristics, tests and technical specifications of different models have been presented to a wide audience. Basing upon the comparison of specifications the audience has agreed to promising outlook of this CORVUS Company’s development. Protocols of intentions for implementation of DRS® at the Singapore shipyard have been signed.

This fair clearly evidenced that increase of efficiency and environmental protection are not two contradictions. It has been noted by Dr. Hans-Heinrich, managing director of German Association of ship owners (VDR).

29.05.2008 Jönköping, Sweden

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10.05.2008 Munich, Germany

«IFAT is an international exhibition dedicated to environmental protection and waste disposal»

IFAT exhibition took place in Munich, Germany, from May 05 till May 09, 2008. IFAT is an international exhibition dedicated to environmental protection and waste disposal. It has more than 40 years of history and is arranged every three years. The exhibition has involved 2 223 participants from 36 countries. Its has presented the newest trends and innovations in field of drainage systems, waste disposal and waste recycling. A special attention has been drawn to hazardous waste disposal and processing with further recovery.

Members of CORVUS Company management have attended the exhibition following an invitation received from German partners, that have been representing their company’s stand with recent developments and extended service in hydrocarbon waste disposal.

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The exhibition included a symposium dedicated to water processing issues, sewage processing and waste disposal, and a workshop session. The director of hazardous waste department Dan Dedovitch has presented a report at a workshop of waste disposal problems. The subject of the report was implementation of modern waste oil processing technologies with further power production. Besides, a special attention has been devoted to power production from waste, being a meaningful issue for our company.

During meetings and negotiations with representatives of European companies we have reached several agreements about cooperation in field of hydrocarbon waste processing and recycling, and discussed issues of new projects preparation at the territory of European Union.

2008 April


A Spanish company „IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA Y CONSTRUCCIÓN, S.A. FILIALE LATVIJA” has won a tender announced by state joint-stock company LATVENERGO for a reconstruction of a thermal power station TEC-2 in Riga region, and maintenance of power block of TEC-2 for a 12 years term. This is one of the projects with the greatest scale in Latvia.

TEC-2 will become a most modernized thermal power station in the entire Baltics, that shall increase power independence of Latvia and provide clients with a high quality power.

CORVUS Company by virtue of a contract also has taken part in a project. Our company has performed removal of hazardous emulsion from containers located beside the power block of a thermal power station TEC-2. They have been filled with emulsion contaminated with chemicals after cleansing the equipment of the power block.

We have performed an intensive work, and rescue service of CORVUS Company has been working day and night. Pumping the emulsion contaminated with chemicals have been performed using special vehicles and equipment in accordance with requirements of ADR and ISO14001 procedure.

Waste has been transported to waste treatment plant of VAS „LATVENERGO” for further utilization.

20.02.2008 We’ve received a certificate

On February 20, 2008 «CORVUS Company» has received a certificate No. 20983-2008-AE-FIN-FINAS, corresponding to ecological management system ISO 14001:2004 standard. The conformity certification has been issued by an international certificating organization Det Norske Veritas.

Specialists from Det Norske Veritas have highlighted the following strengths of «CORVUS Company» management system: responsibility of managing persons, management system efficiency, products distribution planning, continuous improvement, monitoring and assessment of processes and ecological impacts, risk management measures, in-house auditing, competence, staff training and knowledge, emergency readiness planning, software implementation in management system, infrastructure and production environment.

Certificate ISO 14001:2004 approves that our ecological management system at an enterprise has been assessed and conforms to the standard.

ISO 14001:2004   is and international standard summarizing modern world experience in environmental management. The main objective of the certification for correspondence to international standards of ISO 14001:2004 series is protection of environment from impact of external economical factors and improving environmental condition by preventing emergency situations. Environmental management system development and implementation by companies in accordance with international standards ISO 14001:2004 is a guaranteed way to success in their activities at home and international markets.

03.01.2008 We’ve received a patent

On January 3, 2008 we’ve received a patent of the Germany for a „Device – mixer-disperser”. This innovation relates to mechanic engineering, mainly energetic and chemical for environment protection and may be used in food industry. The main task of the innovation is increasing quality of mixed media and power consumption decreasing.