22.11.2007 Riga, Latvia

«Vide un Energija 2007»

On November 22-24 at the International exhibition center at Kipsala, in Riga, Latvia, a 3rd International Exhibition of Energetic And Environmentally Friendly Systems and Technologies “Vide un Enerģija 2007” took place. It was organized by an international exhibitions’ organizer company BT 1 in cooperation with Ministry of environment of the Republic of Latvia, Baltic Environmental Forum, Latvian Investments and Development Agency and Sustainable Energy Europe.

The exhibition involved more than 70 participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia and Canada. COVUS Company, having actively participated in last year’s fairs, has presented itself in 2 directions, namely:

CORVUS Company had an important task to inform society about actual hazards of neglecting the ecology. To pinpoint this, our company has demonstrated a video clip, showing how much people neglect such important things as environment pollution with products of carbohydrates, what’s going on at oil sludge storage landfills, in sludge reservoirs of oil-chemical plants and enterprises of oil and gas industry, and during oil products transportation and finally, what’s going on with natural resources and how great is the harm caused by people to environment. We offered solutions aimed to improve the actual situation. This clip gained a wide publicity, we’ve got orders for its demonstration at state TV channels of Lithuania and Germany.

CORVUS Company has presented a new service – complex companies’ servicing in waste management, including all types of hazardous waste, electronic and electric appliances, all types of package materials – cardboard, plastic, glass, scrap metal and wood. Our company has a permit of B category for managing these types of waste.

Posters and exhibition samples represented all directions of company’s activities.

CORVUS Company has attracted a lot of new customers, making contracts with them for a complex waste management, that will surely lead to decrease of environmental pollution.

The company’s stand was admitted the best, and certified with a diploma issued by organizer of exhibition “Vide un Enerģija 2007”.

23.10.2007 Moscow, Russia


On October 23-25, 2007 in Moscow Central exhibition center “EXPOCENTR” at Krasnaya Presnya 4th International specialized exhibition “ENVIRONMENTAL EFFICIENCY” and a contest “NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD” took place. The events have been organized by V. I. VERNADSKIY Fund. The exhibition involved more than 80 participants, including large Russian organizations like „LUKOIL”, „TATNEFT”, „GAZPROM”, „URENGOJGAZPROM”, „ORENBURGGAZPROM”, German, Finnish, Latvian and other companies, also scientists: representatives of Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Science (RAS), Institute of organic chemistry of RAS, Institute of problems of chemical physics etc.

At the same time an International specialized conference with 10 thematic sections took place.

“CORVUS Company” innovations department director A. Polyakov has presented a report within a thematic section “Technologies and means of neutralization, recycling, utilization and regeneration of waste oil and oil products, waste sorbents, processing and utilization of oil-contaminated water and waste, territories remediation”.

Reports included in this section have been mainly devoted to the following issues: environmental technologies of oil extraction; experience in eliminating oil spillages, drill and oil sludge utilization; modern appliances and technologies for prevention and elimination of oil and oil products spillage; experience in creating local monitoring systems of geological environment at oil processing plants; experience in implementing remote information in assessing ecological condition of transport geological-technical systems; developing equipment for oil sludge processing and oil products waste utilization.

“CORVUS Company” representative A. Polyakov has presented a report “Waste oil products utilization”, reflecting “CORVUS Company” experience in collection, processing and recycling waste oil products and fuel preparation for boiler-houses. An important element in fuel preparation system is a mixer-disperser (DRS®), produced and sold by the company. Its novelty is approved with positive decisions for issuing patents of Latvia, Russia and Germany.

“CORVUS Company” report on behalf of contest organizer — V. I. Vernadskiy Fund has been awarded with a diploma for «Developments in field of waste oil and oil products processing and regeneration».

Considering high importance of information contained in reports, the conference has made a decision to issue a reports’ collection. The reports will also be placed at www.vernadsky.ru

On September 20, 2007 we’ve received a patent

On September 20, 2007 we’ve received a patent of the Republic of Latvia for an acid tar pumping device. This innovation may be used in relates to oil waste, respectively, acid tars processing, in oil and chemical industry and ecology. The main task of the innovation is increasing efficiency of the process.


20.07.2007 We’ve received a patent

In accordance with provisions of the law of the Republic of Latvia “On trade marks and denominations of geographic origin” of June 16, 1999, on July 20, 2007 trade mark of “CORVUS Company” has been included in State trade marks registry with No. M57780.

29.05.2007 Moscow, Russia

WasteTech 2007

This year, from May 29 till June 1 in Moscow, at an exhibition complex “Crocus Expo” the fifth International Trade Fair and Congress for Waste Management, Recycling and Environmental Technologies WasteTech 2007 took place, involving 413 companies from various countries.

WasteTech 2007 takes place once per two years. This is the most significant activity in field of industrial and consumption waste collection and processing, discussing outstanding waste treatment problems and modern solutions. Waste processing, water and air environment recovery and prevention of contamination, soil recovery and re-cultivation, use of renewable energy sources are directly related within the framework of environmental saving and utility tasks solution. A natural consolidation of a congress and a trade fair provides possibility to find optimal problems solutions faced by professionals.

“CORVUS Company” professionals have visited the fair and German Day for environmental technologies after an invitation of an organizing committee at WasteTech 2007. They have investigated new solid waste, package, metal and plastics processing, technologies, waste compression technologies. The fair also presented biological cleaning equipment, hazardous waste neutralizing equipment. They also participated in workshops that are currently outstanding for CORVUS Company: development prospects of package waste treatment system, European law on package – implementation training and prospects, a Comparative analysis of several national package waste collection and processing systems in Europe, Necessity of a systematic approach to a question of package waste turnover regulating solution.

27.05.2007 We’ve received a patent

 On April 27, 2007 CORVUS Company employees have received a patent of Russia for a device – Mixer-Disperser. A positive decision about a German patent issuance for this development has also been made.