22.12.2005 Benefactions

133 years ago, the central character of F. Dostoyevsky’s „Idiot” – Prince Mishkin claimed: “Beauty will save the world!” Having no doubt about the validity of the grand master’s statement and taking into account that Christmas is just the right time for giving presents, Corvus Company decided to support the young and developing modeling agency Portfolio in the organization of the New Year party, which was also to celebrate the birthday of the agency’s website www.portfolio.lv

Apart from the great program presented by the members of “Portfolio”, the representatives of our company have announced the online voting results for the year 2005 (voting was available throughout the year at the agency’s website).


15.11.2005 Moscow, Russia

Oils and Lubricants 2005

After the forum, from 15 November to 18 November 2005, in Moscow, in the Pavilion 69 of the All-Russia Exhibition Center the III International exhibition Oils and Lubricants 2005 was opened, attracting special attention of CORVUS COMPANY management.

Among the items represented at the exhibition Oils and Lubricants 2005 we would like to highlight the following ones: oils, lubricants and specialized coolants for machine-tool industry, machine-building industry, metallurgical industry, motor-car construction industry, petrochemical industry, aircraft-building industry, shipbuilding and other industries, as well as for car service centers. The Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation has recognized the exhibition Oils and Lubricants 2005 as the principal event in the industry sector.


During the exhibition Oils and Lubricants 2005, the top-management of CORVUS COMPANY familiarized themselves with the latest technological developments in the sphere of oil production and exchanged best practices with colleagues from other countries at the theoretical and practical conferences and workshops organized in the framework of the exhibition. One of the main issues that CORVUS COMPANY offered for discussion at these events was the issue of processing and utilization of used oils. Given that lubricating oils, having been used, acquire the status of hazardous waste, which certainly is a source of concern for oil manufacturers, as well as taking account of the lack of experience of Russian manufacturers in this sphere, the specialists of CORVUS COMPANY, building upon their own experience, have offered our Russian partners the services of CORVUS COMPANY that would help them set up the core operation mechanism for their used oil management complex. The purpose of such complexes is to reduce environmental pollution, and, as we have already mentioned before, such complexes include not only the collection, storage, processing and utilization of used oils, but also provide innovative solutions for ecological problems, which inevitably occur in the course of realization of the main activities of the complex.

Implementation of modern environmental protection technologies and solutions for ecological problems related to the production and utilization of oils has attracted increased interest on the part of our Russian colleagues.

09.11.2005 Moscow, Russia

Ecology and Power Industry 2005

From 9 November to 11 November 2005, in Moscow, the international forum Ecology and Power Industry 2005 took place, with the following events being included in the agenda:
• The second international exhibition Eco-efficiency 2005;
• The second international exhibition Waste Collection, Processing and Utilization;
• International exhibition Power Industry 2005;
•The second international exhibition Renewable and Small-scale Power Generation 2005.

The specialists of our company have visited all of the aforementioned events, taking part in conferences and discussions organized by the management of the international forum Ecology and Power Industry 2005. Based on the information acquired during the forum, the analytical department of CORVUS COMPANY performed a comparative analysis of hazardous oily waste management markets in the Russian Federation and EU.

As a result of this research our specialists have concluded that notwithstanding the fact that the market of hazardous waste management is growing fast in Russia, the EU standards for this type of activity still remain beyond the reach of Russian undertakers. Therefore, the specialists of our company suggested their help to our Russian partners in the implementation of the technologies necessary to create hazardous oily waste management complex, which includes:
1) the monitoring of this waste group;
2) collection and transportation;
3) storage and sorting;
4) processing and utilization.

This system can be imagined as a closed cycle, which starts by installing special containers near a company, which manufactures hazardous waste, and ends with the extraction of energy and raw materials for future use in manufacturing activities.

02.11.2005 SHELL

Royal Dutch /Shell Company

Apart from having got acquainted with the Europort Maritime 2005, exhibited exposition, the direction of the CORVUS COMPANY has also visited Royal Dutch /Shell Company, which is the worldwide greatest vertically- integrated transnational oil-gas Corporation.

One of the Corporation activities is the greasing substances and chemicals advancing into the international market, moreover, the Corporation is the owner of the unique technologies on the waste oil affinage.

Nowadays, this aspect of the Royal Dutch /Shell Corporation activity is the most live issue, since the process of the affinage means the usage of secondary fuel resource, moreover, not applying the constantly reducing primary resource.

In the point of view of our Scientific-and-Technical Department, the process of oil–affinage is likely to become one of the most perspective developments in the relation of our Company’s branch of industry in the nearest future.

01.11.2005 Rotterdam, Netherlands


From 1 November to 5 November 2005, the top-management of our company visited one of the most important events of the international maritime industry – the EUROPORT MARITIME 2005 exhibition.

Special care has been taken by the organizers and participants of the exhibition to make sure that the innovations in the shipbuilding, marine and port equipment spheres introduced to the European market during the exhibition involve the latest technologies having no rivals in the whole world.

Having had a closer look at the technologies and marine equipment represented at the exhibition, as well as having discussed the topical issues of the industry with our colleagues from Western companies, we can hardly escape concluding that our mixer-disperser , which allows for 1% to 5% of fuel economy, if used in fuel processing systems of marine boiling plants, constitutes a serious competition to its Western analogues.

The presentation of our mixer-disperser at the EUROPORT MARITIME 2005 exhibition has generated strong interest on the part of a number of Western companies operating in the sphere of shipbuilding and development of marine and port equipment.

Business meetings with some of the companies operating in the same sphere as we do – i.e. gathering of ship bilge waters – turned out to be quite productive in the sense of information and experience exchange within the aforementioned line of activity.

Taking account of the fact that, initially, our specialists went to the EUROPORT MARITIME 2005 exhibition just to familiarize themselves with the information and technologies represented there, the results of this visit can undoubtedly be recognized as excellent – a preliminary agreement has been reached to initiate the supplies of our mixer-disperser to some of the largest shipbuilding companies of the EU maritime industry.

20.10.2005 Riga, Latvia

«Environment and Energy 2005»
The second international exhibition on energy and technologies for optimization of natural resources utilization “Environment and Energy 2005” organized by the international exhibition company BT 1 in cooperation with the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Environment took place at Kipsala International Exhibition Center in Riga from October 20 to 22.

Central and local government officials, individual proprietors, businessmen and all other interested parties had the opportunity to:
• familiarize themselves with the latest environmentally friendly technologies and equipment;
• evaluate various engineering solutions in the sphere of renewable energy production and energy efficiency optimization;
• take part in presentations organized by the participating companies on the achievements in power, water supply, and sewage treatment (both in private and industrial sector);
• learn about the latest developments in the sphere of household waste and hazardous waste treatment, public facilities and environmental improvement.

All in all, “Environment and Energy 2005” has attracted 65 participants – 10 foreign and 55 local companies – and 14978 visitors. Companies from Austria, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, as well as businessmen and specialists from Germany and Russia have participated in the exhibition. Also, there were sector professionals from Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Ukraine among the visitors.

“Corvus Company” exhibition stand

This was the second time our company took part in the aforementioned event. It has to be mentioned that this year the exhibition was more massive than before, with a broader range of information available about the products and services involved, which certainly means that the interest shown towards these issues by Latvian and EU businessmen is still growing.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the employees of “Corvus Company” that represented our company at the exhibition have concluded several tens of contracts with those willing to acquire the mixers-dispersers manufactured by “Corvus Company”

Our stand with the disperser

Our company’s stand was popular among the visitors of the exhibition and, according to LTV-1, LTV-7, and LNT, was declared the most informative and interesting stand of the event. Therefore, the management of the exhibition center BT-1 awarded us a recognition certificate.

“Environment and Energy 2005” has without any doubt become the most significant event in the sphere of environmental protection and optimization of natural resources utilization in the year 2005.


Diplom BT1

31.05.2005 Moscow, Russia

«WasteTech – 2005»

In order to enhance the company’s business activity and to keep track of the new technologies emerging in this sphere, the top-management of „CORVUS CO” visited The 4 th International Trade Fair and Congress for Waste Management – WasteTech-2005 , which took place from 31 May to 3 June 2005 at the Crocus Expo exhibition center (Moscow). The congress WasteTech-2005 attracted 764 participants: 640 delegates from Russia , 94 delegates from CIS and Baltic States, and 30 delegates from EU and USA . National pavilions of Austria , Denmark , Italy , and Czech Republic have been represented at the exhibition, as well as joint exhibition stands of companies from Samara and Sverdlovsk region. WasteTech-2005 has been visited by more than 5000 specialists.

Within the framework of the congress, training courses dedicated to ISWA waste disposal sites and a workshop entitled “Commercial use of landfill gas” organized by ISWA waste disposal sites group and US Environmental Protection Agency were held. Special attention of our company’s top-management was drawn by impervious screens for industrial toxic waste disposal sites, which provide the most convenient means for reliable segregation and localization of industrial waste storage and concentration sites.

General outline of the exhibition

Within the framework of the congress, a meeting dedicated to the establishment of a Russia-wide association for waste management took place. The meeting gathered representatives of regional unions and associations from 12 constituent entities of Russia . Representatives of „CORVUS CO” took active part in the discussion that became an integral part of this event. Besides that, we also received some offers of promising cooperation within the association itself.

ISWA scale model of a waste disposal site

In addition, in the course of WasteTech-2005 there have been meetings with the managers of the Latvian Waste Management Association.

There have also been technical excursions to the waste incineration plant No.2 state unitary enterprise „Ekotekhprom” , to the waste compaction facility state unitary enterprise „Ekotekhprom” , and „Kuryanovskaya” aeration station „Mosvodokanal”.

25.04.2005 Munich, Germany

«IFAT – 2005»

As a consequence of the business contacts established at the Terra Tec exhibition (Leipzig), our specialists visited another event, whose significance in the sphere of oil residue processing and oil-contaminated water disposal is even higher – the IFAT-2005 exhibition, which took place from 25 April to 27 April 2005 in Munich.

Approximately 500 companies took part in the exhibition, the main type of business activity of these companies being collection, storage and processing of various kinds of waste. This event is one of the top-priority ones in this sphere of activity and it enjoys enormous popularity among companies that deal with waste processing.

Our company’s specialists held a number of meetings with their European colleagues to find out whether the parties involved are interested to continue cooperation in this sphere.

Establishing business contacts

— waste collection terms and conditions have been compared; price policies, chemical test results of oil residues before and after processing have been discussed. Special attention was paid to the laws regulating this sphere of activity, as well as to environmental protection issues.

— a preliminary agreement was reached to continue cooperation in the sphere of oil residue processing and oil-contaminated water disposal.

Our company’s employees noted the high quality of the services offered at the IFAT-2005 exhibition, of the technical equipment and specialized vehicles. This gives additional motivation for our employees to foster the creation and promotion to the European market of highly efficient technologies for collection, processing, and disposal of oil residues and oil-contaminated water.

Presentation of new technologies
Exhibition center

IFAT – 2005

Business part of the exhibition

Specialized vehicles

20.03.2005 Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Honorary Diploma for development and promotion of highly efficient systems for treatment and disposal of oil-contaminated water was what our company’s employees brought from the 12th International Specialized Exhibition Waste Management: Technologies and Equipment – 2005 , which took place within the framework of the V International Ecology Forum from 15 to 17 March 2005 in Saint-Petersburg, under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation.

The high level of organization of the event contributed to the development of cooperation and useful business contacts in the sphere of oil residue management and processing of oil-contaminated water.

< Business part of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition


«CORVUS Company» stand

Honorary diploma

08.03.2005 Leipzig, Germany

«Terra Tec»
Our company’s top-management took part in a specialized international exhibition on energy – Terra Tec , which was held from 8 to 11 March 2005 in Leipzig ( Germany ). Approximately 700 companies participated in the event. An exhibition of such significance is organized once in two years and enjoys enormous popularity in EU countries. The main topics of the exhibition were as follows: water supply, wastewater treatment techniques, garbage processing, oil residue disposal, environmental protection.

This was an excellent opportunity for our specialists to get acquainted with the latest technologies in the sphere of oil residue processing and disposal, as well as to present their own solutions at Terra Tec. «CORVUS Company» was the only company from post-Soviet countries, whose stand was represented at this exhibition, which was the reason for the genuine interest shown towards us by the administrators and numerous guests of the exhibition.

Our stand was visited by the representatives of the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Environmental Protection, members of the delegation from the European Parliament, as well as by the special correspondent of Terra Tec. The four eventful days brought some results – business contacts with new partners have been established, the sales market has been expanded. Our company’s stand was also awarded an honorary diploma.

Terra Tec

Honorary diploma
Establishing business contacts

Specialized vehicles