16.06.2004 Riga, Latvia

Our Company has join LASA Waste Material Recycling Association, which, in fact, is the Member of the International ISWA Recycling Association.

LASA incorporates municipal enterprises, educational establishments, academic institute chairs, manufacturing ventures and privet companies.

The total company members’ number is – 64. The activity of this association is connected with the problems, which, in fact, does have any organization, dealing with different kinds of waste gathering and recycling.

The direction of the association organizes the qualified personnel educational courses on the different kinds of waste products, the dangerous included.

The members of the association take part in the project development on the services improvement, which concern the different kinds of waste materials gathering, recycling, and subsequent recycling.

The membership of this Association gives the opportunity for our Company to overcome quite effectively such kind of problems, like: the present legislative data base of this certain kind of activity, lack of the qualified personnel, not appropriate system of informing the employer about the responsibility, whose main activity is manufacturing, and as the result of which is – different kind of waste materials. The significant role in this Organization is being paid to the question of – the protection of the environment.

Taking into account our great long-term experience, which we have thanks to information sources of the Association, we are looking forward for the reciprocal successive cooperation in the field of the oil products waste recycling.