07.05.2004 Riga, Latvija

Riga, BT– 1

Within the Riga 3rd International Waste Industry Exhibition , the specialists of our Company have been presenting the blender – dispersant (homogenizer) equipment, which is used in order to get the resistant fuel blends.

The opportunity to use this equipment in the fuel preparation steam generating units of the industrial enterprises caused the great interest both from the participants and visitors of the exhibition. As result, during next two weeks after the exhibition has been closed, the company has successively entered into the equipment supply agreement with other companies.

During the exhibition, a lot of seminars and discussions have risen up, the main aspects of which were devoted to the question of gathering, accumulation, classification, recycling of different waste materials and landfill.

The specialists of our Company have been actively consulting the potential clients about the exhibited equipment in particular, and about the oil waste material recycling technologies in general.

On the other hand, the specialists of the Company were excited by the report on the oil material usage in the relation of the alternative energy sources. The business talk continued in a friendly, causy atmosphere and as result, happened to be a realy productive one.