15.10.2009 Chemnitz, Germany

«Results from Acid Tar Projects»

„CORVUS Company” director and managers of Innovation and Development department were invited by the organization committee to take part in the 2nd international workshop „Results from Acid Tar Projects” which took place in October 14-15, 2009 in Chemnitz, Germany.

This workshop continues the 1st international workshop on tar and acid tar remediation that was hold in October 2006 in Chemnitz.

As well as in 2006 BAUFELD and MUEG the companies that have a many years’ successful experience in Acid Tar remediation and utilization projects realization organized the workshop.

Since the first workshop took place BAUFEL and MUEG managed to complete a number of remediation projects, in particular in a place called Neukirchen near Chemnitz. There were started also extensive projects in other European countries. Therefore the organizers decided that now it is the right time to share with the gathered experience.

The aim of the 2nd international workshop was the wish of the organizers, BAUFELD and its partner MUEG, to acquaint persons who are involved in acid tar remediation processes and/or responsible for lots polluted with acid tar with the results of the project works, new technologies as well as to give a possibility to share experience in the subject.

Therefore not only project managers, engineers, interested companies’ managers but also representatives of official agencies and authorities took part in the workshop.

Guests came from different European countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Belgium and USA.

The workshop was a forum to discuss the questions of management, remediation solutions, treatment and processing technologies and technical equipments. As well there were presented new options for a secondary fuel from acid tar, and introduced variants of either deposition or utilization of the solidified products as a secondary fuel in power stations or cement kilns.

BAUFELD and MUEG rely on research and elaborations in the sphere of acid tar remediation and other places polluted with hydrocarbon as well as on the experience gathered during this kind of projects realization made presentations of the results achieved.
After contributors’ speech and carrying out of presentations the workshop visitors had an opportunity to discuss the problems and ask the questions they were interested in. An intensive exchange of experiences regarding technologies, procedures, and financial aspects took place.

The workshop participants highly evaluated BAUFELD and MUEG contribution in acid tar remediation elaboration area and projects fulfillment as well as their lead of the 2nd international acid tar workshop organization. Thanks to that the workshop participants could acquire special knowledge and definite experience that could be used in future projects implementation.