10.11.2006 Riga, Latvia

«4th International exhibition “Waste management — 2006”»

Professionals from the companies-partners “CORVUS COMPANY” and “Zalais Centrs” took part in 4th International exhibition – conference “Waste management — 2006”. The exhibition was organized by Association of waste management of Latvia (LASA), whose members formed the greater part of the participants.

The list of displays and wide range of themes of the exhibition, scoping the most important aspects of waste management activities, as innovative technologies, specific waste utilization, waste placement, professional education and training, public notification, were the subjects of great interest to this event both among the private businessmen and state entities, and also Latvian educational centers.

An active position of our specialists at the exhibition allowed to strengthen our business contacts with colleagues and partners, to make new contacts with state entities, that in future would lead to possibility of providing wider and more exact evaluation of inland waste management, to create new joint ecologic projects.